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Our first Self-Archiving Learning Laboratory cohort is now ongoing in January - May 2024!
Check back soon for more details on future opportunities.

We are a group of volunteer CSD scientists and clinicians passionate about bridging the gap between scientific research and clinical practice.

Our 2024 goal is to foster a collaborative and connected community of self-archivers through hosting learning laboratories with guided sessions to help you initiate and maintain a sustainable self-archiving practice. Through events like our self-archiving learning laboratories we aim to increase knowledge across the field of communication sciences and disorders on how to share and access paywalled research. 

WHY? Our field relies on high-quality, peer-reviewed research to support evidence-based practice. Yet, much of our work remains inaccessible to practitioners, researchers, and people in the community who are not affiliated with universities or national organizations.

By teaching CSD scientists how to self-archive and educating clinicians on how to access research, we can empower our colleagues to make research accessibility the norm in our field. Because when free, legal versions of our field's best research are made available to the public, it can improve the sustainable value of our work.


We're all about self-archiving

Did you know that paying open access fees isn't the only way to make your research legally free to access? 

Another option is to self-archive a version of your manuscript on a personal or institutional website. This is known as "green" open access.

Interested in learning how to self-archive on your own? Click the button below to get started on your journey.




Check out the websites of these rockstar researchers to see what self-archiving actually looks like!

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