When can you self-archive?

Some journals may place the accepted or publisher version of your manuscript under an embargo.

An embargo is a period of time (most often 6-12 months post-publication date) when sharing a version of the article is not allowed. Thus, you may not be able to self-archive your manuscript while it is under embargo.

Embargoes are usually used by journals with high impact factors or with a large reader base who are likely to pay to read a recently published article.

It's basically like putting the cookie jar on top of the fridge to keep the kids from digging in too soon. Crazy, we know.

If your article is embargoed, mark the date on your calendar for when you can self-archive!

  1. For preprints, can you archive before/after journal submission, after revising-resubmitting, or after acceptance?

  2. Is there an embargo period that you have to wait before archiving?


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