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CSDisseminate is a community site, powered by the labor of volunteers. 

We do have some associated expenses where we seek out monetary support in the form of sponsorships.

In the spirit of one of the primary tenets of open science (transparency), we have outlined the donations from each sponsor and associated expenses below. Please note that CSDisseminate does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by our sponsors or the products/services they offer.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to support our future endeavors, please reach out at the link below!

Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 9.05.59 AM.png

The Informed SLP

Sponsor: 2020 - present

Current donations and use of funds:

$2600 from 2020–2022, plus commitment to ongoing expenses e.g. website hosting (Wix), social media software (Later & Canva), Zoom fees for large meetings.

The Informed SLP is a research reporting website that benefits from open access and open science practices in CSD.

You can learn more about The Informed SLP at 

We would like to thank our Sponsors and all of our followers who have supported our endeavors to educate scientists and clinicians on how to make research open to the community!

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