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Preprint servers

For getting your research out there before peer review

Posting your submitted manuscript to a preprint server can help you achieve greater visibility and feedback on your research earlier than the often lengthy period of peer review. 

Many journals allow the option to submit your manuscript to a preprint server prior to acceptance. Preprint servers are rapidly growing as an acceptable method to disseminate research prior to formal peer review. Funding agencies often support preprints because it allows authors to receive credit for completed research prior to formal acceptance for publication. Preprints also stimulate greater discussion and feedback on research currently under review for authors to consider alongside formal peer review. (Sarabipour et al., 2019)


Commonly used preprint repositories in CSD research areas


Preprint repository for the biological sciences. Commonly used by CSD researchers in the areas of neuroscience, animal behavior, clinical trials, developmental and evolutionary biology, pathology, and others.

Open Science Framework (OSF)

An open-source repository for storing scientific research at all stages of the research lifecycle, including preprints. Initially developed to host psychological research material, it has broadened in scope to include all sciences.


A preprint server partnered with OSF for research in the psychological sciences including linguistics, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience.


ASAPbio is a website dedicated to improving science communication (like us!) and have a ton of additional information on all things preprints linked below.

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