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We are a volunteer-based group of clinicians and scientists aiming to promote the culture of self-archiving legal versions of research manuscripts in the field of communication sciences and disorders (CSD).



Mariam El Amin, MS-SLP

Mariam El Amin, MS-SLP is a speech-language pathologist from Lebanon, Fulbright Scholar, and a doctoral student with the Child Communication Lab at the University of Georgia. Her research interests include language disorders and interventions in the context of family-centered care, in addition to cross-cultural research in language disorders. Mariam believes that clinicians, all over the world, should have easy access to research and science.

Meredith P. Harold, PhD, CCC-SLP

Meredith Harold is the owner of The Informed SLP, a website that connects clinicians and scientists with each other's work. She is a former school-based SLP and University faculty. Her present and future, however, is science communication. And through that lens, she hopes to strengthen and advance the field of speech–language pathology and advocate for the clients we serve.

Elaine Kearney, PhD

Elaine Kearney, PhD is a postdoctoral researcher at the Speech Neuroscience Laboratory at Boston University. Her research investigates the sensorimotor control of speech production in individuals with motor speech disorders (e.g., dysarthria secondary to Parkinson’s disease), with the long-term goal of expanding evidence-based treatment options available to these populations. She is passionate about bridging the evidence-to-practice gap and removing barriers to clinicians in accessing science to inform their practice.

Helen Long, PhD, CCC-SLP

Helen Long, PhD, CCC-SLP is a school-based speech-language pathologist and recent PhD graduate from the Origin of Language Laboratory (OLL) at the University of Memphis. Her research evaluates the role of endogenous vocal activity in the emergence of language and early indicators for communication impairments in children at-risk for neurodevelopmental disorders. Through this initiative, she hopes to inspire the CSD scientific community to become one of the leading fields actively self-archiving for greater accessibility to research.



Mary Alice Keller, MA, CCC-SLP

Mary Alice Keller, M.A., CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist and Ph.D. student in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at Vanderbilt University. Her clinical research interests include language development and listening performance in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Mary Alice is passionate about ensuring that clinicians have access to research to support them in their evidence-based practice, and helping researchers disseminate their findings to clinicians and the public. 

James Borders, MS, CCC-SLP

James C. Borders, MS, CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist and PhD student in the Upper Airway Dysfunction Lab at Columbia University. His clinical research focuses on cough and swallowing rehabilitation. James’ interests in open-science are two-fold: (1) improving the dissemination and translation of research into clinical practice and (2) enhancing the transparency, rigor, and replicability of scientific practices.

Merry Spratford, AuD, CCC-A

Merry Spratford, AuD, CCC-A is a Senior Research Audiologist in the Audibility, Perception, and Cognition laboratory at Boys Town National Research Hospital. She is passionate about translating evidence into clinical practice and advancing the field of research audiology. Her current career goals include improving community engagement within hearing research and using effective science communication strategies to share study findings with families, clinicians, and scientists.

Laura Gaeta, PhD

Laura Gaeta, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at California State University, Sacramento. She is interested in aural rehabilitation with older adults and service delivery considerations for culturally and linguistically diverse populations. Her motivation for joining CSDisseminate is to increase access to research in audiology.

Danika Pfeiffer, PhD, CCC-SLP

Danika Pfeiffer, PhD, CCC-SLP is a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University and Kennedy Krieger Institute. Her research investigates interprofessional training for SLPs and effective interprofessional language and literacy interventions for children. Danika is passionate about understanding barriers and facilitators to the implementation of research evidence into clinical practice. She hopes to support research dissemination and translation through CSDisseminate.


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