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The Spring 2024
Self-Archiving Learning Laboratory cohort
is now ongoing!

Registration for the 2024 Learning Lab is now closed.


From January - May 2024, we are currently hosting a FREE learning laboratory to support CSD clinical researchers initiate and maintain a sustainable self-archiving practice as they submit and publish new research.

This learning laboratory is an interactive workshop hosted once a month between January - May 2024. Our goal is to foster a collaborative and connected community of self-archivers to keep you motivated and includes ~20 minutes or less of pre-work activities for each session. Attendance at all five sessions is encouraged for attendees.

2024 Course Schedule (Monthly Mondays at 12-1 ET)

Jan 29 
12-1 ET

Open Science Introduction

Introducing open science principles and their importance in contemporary research. 

Feb 26
12-1 ET

Self-Archiving 101

Describing the basics and significance of self-archiving in CSD research. 

Pre-work: 1) Identify 1-2 first- or co-authored papers to self-archive, and 2) Contact co-authors to request permission to self-archive

Mar 25
12 -1 ET

Copyright and Versions to Self-Archive

Navigating the restrictions of copyrights and identifying appropriate versions for archiving. 

Pre-work: Identify publisher guidelines for your papers to self-archive

Apr 29
12 -1 ET

Where to Self-Archive and Website Creation

Selecting suitable platforms for self-archiving and sharing tips on creating a personal website to host your work. 

Pre-work: Create your website and/or repository account to self-archive

May 20
12 -1 ET

Self-Archiving with User Licenses

Ensuring compliance and ethical practice by understanding and applying user licenses during the archiving process. 

Pre-work: Add a publisher-compliant user license to your manuscript(s) to self-archive

Research Study Note:

We are also offering the opportunity to consent to participate in a research study evaluating your perceptions, experiences, and learning related to self-archiving at the end of the registration form. Your consent to participate in the research study is entirely optional and is not tied to your participation in the learning lab.

Past Event Recordings

Improve Research Dissemination Through Access: Self-Archiving 101

In January and July of 2021, we hosted workshops titled, "Improve Research Dissemination Through Access: Self-Archiving 101". The purpose was to help scientists in Communication Sciences and Disorders to learn how to self-archive. The video and files associated with these workshops are archived here.

Clinical Access to Research in CSD: Myths and Money

In February 2022, we hosted a workshop titled, "Clinical Access to Research in CSD: Myths and Money." The purpose was to train SLPs on how to get their hands on the science they need for clinical practice. The presentation slides may also be downloaded below.

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